Easy-page iPad / iPhone Edition
By R. A. Manson

  • Direct link to Google map, allowing you to see the actual pictures of modern-day Israel
  • Superimposing of the Easy-page's details (like the routes of Paul's missionary journeys) onto the Google map
  • Animated 3D diagrams for interactive learning
  • Bible links between Easy-page and various versions of Bible
  • Easy-page searching function

    The Bible section contains:
  • Free access to many modern English Bible translations including the NIV, NASB, AMP, NKJV, etc.
  • True web Bible search
  • Book mark, highlight, copy & paste, auto-play, synchronous reading, etc.

    Reading Quarters
    The book employs an intelligent reading platform named Reading Quarters equipped with amazing features such as:
  • Innovative 6-window, 4-window and 3-window modes (2-window mode for iPhone edition)
  • Working with different books, tools (like ezSURF -Web browser, Dictionary) in each window
  • Saving & retrieving the screen layouts

示範短片A Basic description of Easy-page Hard-copy version & multimedia edition (PC)
示範短片B Brief description of Easy-page iPad, iPhone edition
示範短片C Detailed operation & features of Easy-page iPad edition
示範短片D Detailed operation & features of Easy-page iPhone edition